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Everything is a Remix: Fair Use

Source: everythingisaremix.info

How do you copy media legally for the purposes of criticism and commentary? Find out in the new Everything is a Remix! This video was co-written by Jack Lerner.

Got questions about fair use? Send them to me via Twitter or Facebook and we might answer them in a follow-up video.

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Up next from me is Episode Five of my video-on-demand series, This is Not a Conspiracy Theory.

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Everything is a Remix

Everything is a Remix is a series of videos by Kirby Ferguson about creativity and about how inventions are made (amongst other things).
The video’s are embedded in this post. You can also find them on this website: everythingisaremix.info

The video below is a compilation of the initial original 4 parts to the series:

Kirby Ferguson has made some extra video’s that are not a part of the series but are each just extras on single topics at a time:

The video underneath is a TED-Talk summarising the basics from the original 4-part series: