Sound in Adobe After Effects

No Sound in After Effects
by Boris Isakov

Hey Guys
So I installed Adobe After Effects on my Mac. When I import a video clip the sound would not play. I know the clip has working sound because I played it through Quicktime. When I import it into After Effects it will not recognize any sound. Any suggestions??
Re: No Sound in After Effects
by Dave LaRonde

The first thing that comes to mind is this: do you see a little speaker icon when you put the clip in the AE timeline? You’ve got audio if the answer’s “yes”.

Second, are you hitting the space bar or the Play button in the time controls window in hopes of hearing the sound? Good luck: you won’t hear any.

AE doesn’t work like an editing application, it has never worked like an editing application, and probably never will. So you can’t PLAY anything in AE: you have to PREVIEW it.

You can hear audio by:
* A RAM Preview, which previews as much audio & video as it can until it uses up all the RAM available to it
* Hitting the period key on the numeric keypad: AE thinks a bit, aka renders the audio, then plays it for a duration of time set in Prefereneces
* Scrubbing: hold down the Command key (ctl win) and move the timeline cursor
* Short preview: hold down the Command key (ctl win) and click and hold the timeline cursor: AE plays a few frames of audio, which is handy for locating audio hits

It sounds like actually cracking open the manual, getting to know AE Help and referring to the AE Tutorials on the COW would be a good thing for you to do.

Dave LaRonde
Sr. Promotion Producer

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