Stylebook Dummy, Alien Workshop, David Carson & Helvetica

Start by watching this video, really carefully!


Then listen to what David Carson has to say about graphic design.


And watch some of his work.

More Images When You Click Here


David Carson has a lot more to say. Watch what you like.

David Carson on Design @ TED
David Carson about the exhibition and workshop in ESAD 2011
About Subjectivity (He said that in the other video already … )
TYPO Berlin Video Podcast (Boring)
David Carson Typographer Visual Lecture (Boring)
David Carson – Techniques in Design (Boring)
Use your eye not the rules!

Also watch this little teaser about Helvetica – the movie.


Whatever you do, don’t watch the full 2 hours of Experimental Jetset talking about their designs. Scroll trough the video a bit instead. Experimental Jetset is a graphic buro that only uses Helvetica, nothing else…


Check out some magazine’s on Issuu.

The Art of Typography
Slanted 16
Cock No.7 – The Dream Issue

And now make a book. Your book.


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